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 All Categories    6 x 4 Hydrant Pit Valves - API 1584 - 3rd Edition
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Item # 61654J, 6 x 4 Hydrant Pit Valves - API 1584 - 3rd Edition

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The Carter Model 61654 Hydrant Pit Valve is a family of valves that includes lanyard, air or dual air/lanyard operated pilot valves, with the latter available with a defueling option.
The latest series of the 61654 Hydrant pit valves meet the latest 3rd edition of API Bulletin 1584 with regard to breakaway and strength requirements.
The basic hydrant pit valve consists of three basic parts, lower valve assembly, upper valve assembly (or API outlet adapter) and the pilot valve. The lower valve assembly contains an isolation valve which will allow the removal and servicing of the upper valve assembly and the pilot valve assembly while the pit valve is under pressure. (See service manual SM61654 for proper instructions). The upper portion of all versions of the 61654 are now furnished with a replaceable part that contains the interface with the hydrant coupler. This minimizes replacement parts expense and allows the easy replacement of the outlet wearing surfaces.
The 61654 family of valves is essentially identical to the 60554 series of valves except for the inlet flange which is designed to mate with a 6" ANSI 150 lb. flange rather than a 4" flange.
The Model 61654 Hydrant Pit Valve is designed to minimize the propagation of surge pressure shocks into the upstream piping system during closure of the valve.

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Carter Ground Fueling

Product Type

Hydrant Valves


6 x 4 Hydrant Pit Valves - API 1584 - 3rd Edition


Model 61654

Working pressure

300 psi

Closing Time

2 to 5 seconds

Opening Time

5 to 10 seconds [from zero to 1070 USgpm (4050 l/min.)]


70 lb

Basic Model

Two-piece aluminum/stainless steel API Adapter Air Operated Pilot Valve for deadman control with defuel control to allow flow of fuel in either fueling or defueling direction.

Technical Information

  • Overshoot - 60.0 gals (225 liters) maximum at 1200 USgpm (4500 l/min.).
  • Pilot valve air pressure required for options E or J - 60 psi min. (4.2 bars).
  • Mates Carter Couplers 60600, 60600-1, 60700-1, 61525 and all other API style couplers.
  • Standard Materials - outer housings - A536, grade 60-40-18 ductile iron, high strength aluminum allow, stainless steel; trim - stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
  • Option

    A - Adds 10-mesh screen between upper and lower halves of the unit. (81557-10)
    B - Adds 20-mesh screen between upper and lower halves of the unit. (81557-20)

    C - Adds six-position product selection (44290)

    K - Material (outer housing and poppet) - A536, grade 80-55-06 ductile iron (or equal), inlet flange has raised face. (Special order only) - Port of New York & New Jersey requirements

    M - Adds Dry Break (with bleed) to Option E, F or J air connection. (44731, Option M; B2K16-VB(S)DWC, Option MT)

    Q - Changes upper half housing (adapter) to one piece ductile iron (43214)

    R - Changes upper half housing (adpater) to two-piece ductile iron/stainless steel (47203-2)

    S - Changes upper half housing (adapter) to one piece 316 stainless steel. (43214-4)

    T - Adds Fusible Plug to air port to either E, F or J options only. (47326)


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