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Product Image - Disposable Desiccant Breathers

Des-Case - Disposable Breathers

  • Oil coalescing breather captures
  • Bi-directional
  • Water vapor adsorbent
  • Vaccume Indicator Adaptor

    Des-Case - Disposable Breather Accessories

    Des-Case provides a wide range of disposable breather accessories for easy adaption to your specific applications and working environment.
    Product Image - Steel Breather

    Des-Case - Steel Breather

    • Rugged steel housing ideal for high temperatures, extremely dirty air, or corrosive environments
    • Accommodates large airflow rates with minimal pressure drops
    • Bi-directional airflow
    • Multi-tiered filtration process
    • Water vapor adsorbent
    • Large surface area results in long service life
    • Sight glass indicator for easy system monitoring
    • Rebuildable
    Product Image - DC-OCD-14

    Des-Case - Oil Coalescing Steel Breathers

  • Rugged steel housing ideal for harsh environments, extreme dirt and high temperatures
  • Ideal for injection molding, stamping applications
  • Captures and recycles oil back into system
  • Prevents contamination of the working environment
  • Product Image - Des-Case Tank Breathers

    Des-Case - Tank Breathers

    • Large PVC tank breathers protect chemicals in storage or process tanks
    • Handles extreme temperatures and weather conditions
    • Accommodates airflow rates up to 900 cfm
    • Bi-directional airflow
    • Multi-tiered filtration process
    • Water vapor adsorbent
    • Sight glass indicator for easy system monitoring
    • Rebuildable
    Item Image - DC-HGS-3

    Des-Case - Hydroguard Select Bladder Breather

    • Seals hydraulic systems
    • Isolates lubes from environment, preventing moisture and particulate contamination
    • Continuously dries headspace
    Bulk Silica Gel

    Des-Case - Bulk Silica Gel

    Poly sorbead blue color indicating silica gel. Adsorbs 40% of its weight in water. Odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive.
    Item Image - Offline Filteration for Clean Oil

    Des-Case FlowGuard™ Filter Carts

    • Heavy duty filter cart with oil catch pan
    • Industrial powder coated paint
    • Pneumatic wheels
    • Two filters provide two-stage filtration
    • 12' long hose assemblies
    • Clear PVC with steel wire reinforced hoses
    • Easy-to-read, filter gauge indicate filter condition
    • Automatic filter bypass set at 25 psid
    • Quick Couplers eliminate messy leaks
    Flowguard Adaptor Kit

    Des-Case - Flowguard™ Adaptor Kits

  • Hydraulic or Drum Adaptor
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