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Typical Clay Treater Housing Flow Diaphragm

Clay Treater Housings

Clay treaters are usually placed upstream of a filter separator system to remove surface active agents (surfactants), color and additives from jet fuel. These unwanted contaminants may be present in fuel at the processing and refining levels or picked up from various transportation methods such as trucks, ships and pipelines that carry several types of petroleum products in addition to jet fuel. The contaminant compounds will accumulate and disarm the coalescer cartridge and reduce the water coalescing efficiency of the filter separator. Clay treatment removes the surfactant compounds, color and additives by adsorption and delivers treated fuel to the filter separator while prolonging the life of the coalescer cartridges.

Clay treater ...

Product Image - Clay Treater Cartridges

Clay Treater Cartridge

The primary purposes of clay treatment are:
  • To remove acids or products of oxidation from lube and hydraulic oils
  • To remove additives and surfactants from fuel
Facet's specially selected Attapulgus clay greatly resists water saturation and provides maximum surfactant adsorptivity and filtration area found in clay treater cartridges.
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