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500 Series - High Performance Liquid Filter Bags

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The 500 Series liquid filter bag is constructed of polypropylene melt blown microfibers, allowing for very fine particles capture at high efficiencies. All POMF filter bags are over 97% efficient at their suggested micron rating. The bag construction makes this filter an easy to use, convenient, high performance alternative to filter cartridges. The filter contains over 30 sq.ft. of usable filter media. This compares with only 4.4 sq.ft. for most filter bags and only 0.65 sq.ft. for most cartridges.

All 500 Series liquid filter bags are over 90% efficient at their suggested application rating. The filters are rated using a challenge of AC Test Dust in water, and controlled flow rate up to 10 GPM. Efficiency data represent initial efficiencies only.

The 500 Series liquid filter bag can also absorb unwanted trace of oils that frequently occur in processed fluids. The high amount of surface area due to the polypropylene microfiber construction, results in oil holding capacities from 15 - 25 times the filter’s own weight.

The 500 Series liquid filter bag complies with FDA regulations governing food and beverage contact.

The 500 Series liquid filter bag is available in the standard size "2." The filters are made from pure polypropylene and are free of potentially damaging silicone oils.

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Item #

Suggested Application Rating

Dirt Holding Capacity Grams of AC Test Dust Loaded to 35 psi at 12 GPM

Oil Holding Capacity Grams of Mineral Oil at Saturation

523 2.5 µm 225 1000
525 5.0 µm 275 1250
527 13.0 µm 525 2300
529 32 625 2500
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