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Item # 64349BS6 Fueling Nozzle, Underwing Refueling Nozzle

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Carter is the leading manufacturer of nozzles qualified in accordance with SAE AS5877 (MIL-N- 5877). The 64349H is listed as being qualified on the QPL. The specification defines four nozzles, D-1, D-1R, D-2 and D-2R. The D-1 and D-1R nozzles have an inlet body that includes a 45° elbow. The D-1R is a D-1 with the addition of a Hose End Regulator. The D-2 and D-2R (includes a regulator) have straight inlets. Both units have a military standard 6-bolt inlet flange in accordance with MS33786-40. In addition, the 64349 can be purchased with various options to tailor a nozzle to fit the system requirements. These additional options, although widely utilized in the military, are not covered by any particular specification.

The Carter 64349 is now available with a D-3 Inlet Coupling that can be changed from the D-1 to the D-2 configuration and vise versa. The new D-3 variable inlet has been approved for use and is listed on the QPL. This option can be procured as option N to the basic nozzle and it would replace either option H or J.

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Carter Ground Fueling

Product Type

Underwing Refueling Nozzle




Model 64349

Inlet Thread Size

2 in

Mesh Screen Size


Inlet Thread Type

Camlock Inlet


Military male adapter half to mate 61154 Dry Break & 6-bolt flange. (44663)

Basic Configuration

E -Vacuum Breaker (41599)
D -Bonding Cable (44311)

F3 - Adds 35 psi Hose End Regulator (44646-35)

F4 - Adds 45 psi Hose End Regulator (44646-45)

F5 - Adds 55 psi Hose End Regulator (44646-55)

G - Changes operating handle (220561)

H - Adds 45° Elbow (D-1 Style)(44327)

J - Adds Straight Inlet (D-2 Style)(44326)

K - Adds QD with 2" Female Camlock Inlet (44325)

L - Adds Drag Ring (220870) (Only with option F)

N - Adds D-3 Inlet Coupling (47566)

R - Adds Circular Handle Grip (207816)

V - Adds Green Unisex (non-valved) Coupling in accordance with MIL-C-53071 to inlet flange (64019NV)

W - Adds Straight Inlet in accordance with MIL-C-24356 (47063)

X - Adds Tan Unisex (non-valved) Coupling in accordance with MIL-C-53071 to inlet flange. (64019N)

Y - Adds 15’ Bonding Cable (47028)

Z - Changes to Arctic nose seal

The Various Ball Valves & Other Accessories

2 - Adds military male adapter half to mate with 6-bolt flange & 40679 type QD. (43045-1)


·  D-2 Type Nozzle 64349J

·  64349N straight inlet configuration with D-3 inlet coupling

·  Options

·  Flow Characteristics

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Special Tools

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