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Item # Filter Cart

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The Purolator filter cart is designed for use in transferring and filtering hydraulic and lube oils at a flow rate of 6.5 gpm. Typical applications include the removal of particulate and water from contaminated hydraulic reservoirs, and the filtration of bulk oil prior to the transfer into hydraulic reservoirs. The filter cart has two filter stages to remove coarse contaminant and fine particulate and water to "polish" the oil in your hydraulic system. The filter cart comes with 10-foot inlet and outlet hoses and a 2 5-foot retractable power cord for 115V, 20 amp service.

Purolator filter carts are ideal for use in industrial plants and other applications where their portability and efficiency are desirable. For more detailed information, request bulletin # FC-5/01-2K.

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Filter Cart


·  Microfil® III media

·  Micropleat® media

·  Poromesh® media

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