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Item # 47566 D-3, Inlet Coupling 45° (D-1) Configuration

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The standard D-1 and D-2 differ only in the inlet coupling. Some military applications favor the D-1 over the D-2 and vise versa. When a D-1 is required and only D-2’s are available from stock, the D-1 must be ordered. Now a new D-3 inlet coupling is available, that makes it possible to simply vary the inlet from the straight (D-2) to the 45° (D-1) inlet configuration. This can be done without tools simply by swiveling the inlet to the configuration (0 to 45° and angles in between) desired. This inlet configuration is available as part number 47566 or as option “N” to either the 64201 or 64349 Nozzles. See Bulletins 64201 and 64349 for ordering information when buying a new nozzle.

The 47566 Universal Inlet Coupling, shown to the left in the D-1 45° configuration, will retrofit onto any existing 64201 Nozzle and most 64349 Nozzles (see Caution on page 2). The existing straight or 45° inlet coupling is removed and the 47566 inserted in place. The retrofitted nozzle can then be used as either the D-1 or D-2 configuration with no further changes.

The illustrations to the right show both Carter’s QPL D-1/D-2 Nozzles with the new universal inlet coupling. Rotating the inlet coupling will convert the nozzle from a D-1 to a D-2 and vise versa. Only one nozzle is now needed where there can be a need for both D-1 and D-2 configurations.

There is no penalty in flow with this new coupling. The new universal coupling, when installed onto a nozzle, will result in a slightly increased length than the standard D-1/D-2 nozzles.

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Carter Ground Fueling

Product Type

Nozzle Related Accessories


D-3 Inlet Coupling Assembly


Model 47566


·  64201N 45° configuration with D-3 inlet coupling

·  64349N straight inlet configuration with D-3 inlet coupling

·  47566 D-3 Inlet Coupling Straight (D-2) Configuration

·  Envelope Dimensions

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