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500 Series DRC Wipers

  • Our heavy weight, and most popular, industrial wiper
  • Made for the toughest clean-ups.
  • Extra strong.
  • Our most absorbent wiper.
  • Available in popular Quarter Fold, handy Pop Up Box or Jumbo Roll.
Sellers Wipers Image

400 Series DRC Wipers

  • Standard, all purpose wiper.
  • Economical enough for the smaller clean-up tasks yet able to tackle the big jobs.
  • The best value in a DRC wiper.
  • Choose from popular Quarter Fold style, handy Pop Up Box or Jumbo Roll.
Sellers Wipers Image

300 Series DRC Wipers

  • These wipers are great for light-duty applications.
  • A light weight wiper with the strength and absorbency that only DRC can offer.
  • Good value for your wiper dollar.
  • Available as a Roll Towel, popular Quarter Fold or in a handy Pop Up Box.
Sellers Wipers Image

200 Series DRC Wipers

  • Design offers the best balance of strength, absorbency and softness.
  • Great for light-duty wiping.
  • More absorbent than Airlaid wipers.
  • Great for personal use.
  • Available in white.
  • Varieties: Pop Up Box, Quarter Fold, and Jumbo Roll.
Center Pull Wipers in Dispenser Box

DRC Rolls and Dispensers

Sellers Wipers Image

700 Series Water Weave™Wipers

  • Handles your toughest wiping tasks with ease.
  • Innovative WaterWeave™ technology survives the toughest tasks.
  • Affordable alternative to cloth rental shop towels.
  • Cleans the roughest surfaces.
  • Won't fall apart wiping up around sharp corners.
Sellers Wipers Image

600 Series Water Weave™Wipers

  • Combines the absorbency of paper with the strength of cloth.
  • Innovative waterweave™ technology survives the toughest tasks.
  • Great alternative to cloth rags.
  • Great for use with solvents...won't break apart.
  • Effectively wipes up grease, oil and water.
Sellars Shop Towels

Red Shop Towels

  • "THE" replacement for Rental Shop Towels and Rags.
  • Made with the strongest DRC material available in the Commercial market.
  • Innovative All-Weather bucket dispenser protects wipers from the elements.
  • Convenient refills available for bucket.
  • Also available in Jumbo Roll.
Item Image - Health Care Washcloths and Bath Towels

Health Care Washcloths and Bath Towels

  • Washcloths available in two different weights.
  • Lightweight Quarter Fold can be used for patient use.
  • Heavyweight Quarter Fold can be used for patient use.
  • Bath towel is great for patient use in showers or baths.
Item Image - Utility and Scrim Wipers

Utility and Scrim Wipers

Item Image - Stretch Dusters and Treated Dust Cloths

Stretch Dusters and Treated Dust Cloths

Item Image - Food Service Wipers

Food Service Wipers

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