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Filter Separator Accessories

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Filter Separator Accessories

Air Eliminators

There is no question in our minds; these are the most reliable air eliminators money can buy. All stainless steal mechanism, Viton A seal, 3/4” NPT in and out 1/2” on special order).

Note: Above models have 1/16' air outlet orifices. Larger orifice sizes are available but pressure ratings decrease as follows: 5/64” - 125 psi, 3/32" - 80 psi, 1/8” - 45 psi. Specify when ordering.
Check Valves - Prevents Drain-Bback

Check Valves - Prevents Drain-Back

(To be installed above the air eliminator) Viton seal - all stainless steel

This small item offers possibly your greatest protection against Big Trouble! Prevent entry of air to the filter vessel through the air eliminator when main piping check valves leak. Insures that the vessel remains full of fuel. Prevents fuel pressure surging that damages elements.

Air carries micro-organisms that grow to contaminate fuel system filter and tank pumps. Also, without air, there can be no internal fires in filter separators; when a pump forces fuel through a coalescer into an empty filter separator, every requirement for fire is present - oxygen, fuel spray and high energy static charges.
Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves

Relieves pressure caused by thermal build-up.

Be sure to specify relief pressure ftttings: 3/4” NPT male inlet
Float Valve Testers for Filter Separators

Float Valve Testers

for filter separators
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