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Facet Air/Gas Separators & Cartridges

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Product Image - 3 AGB Series Air/Gas Vertical Housings

3 AGB Series Air/Gas Vertical Housings

The Facet 3 AGB Series vertical housing permits easy access for inspection or change out of media. The baffle plates at the inlet remove a large amount of solid particulate matter and entrained liquids which are collected in the quiescent sump. The large sump area also provides for slug control. Use of the impingement baffle permits coalescer cartridges to function more efficiently in the removal of microscopic solids and the fine liquid entrainment.
Product Image - AGB Series Air/Gas Coalescer & Separator Cartridges

3 AGB Series Air/Gas Coalescer & Separator Cartridges

Facet 3AGB series air/gas coalescer and separator cartridges remove solids and liquids from air or gas streams. Their most common uses are in air gas process streams, plant and instrument air streams, plant gas receiving points, gasoline processing plants, and refrigeration systems.

All cartridges are manufactured to rigid quality standards to ensure the media are held firmly against the center tube and securely adhered to the end caps in order to prevent pleat separation, bridging and/or deformation of media.

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